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Customers expect brands to work hard at standing out, to excite and entice. We believe brands need to be built from the foundations up; establishing clarity around their differentiation and being true to their heart. In short, creating an effective brand identity needs to be handled with more care than any other aspect of a company. Our process examines and explores all relevant areas, checking that we are not only focused on the strategic objectives, but also allowing client and audience integration along the way.


Armed with a great brand, strong narrative and a fundamental understanding of the client’s intentions means we won’t allow the tail of technology to wag the dog. We start by looking at the bigger picture. What can digital media bring to your overall engagement strategy? How can it enhance the two-way flow of information between you and your audiences? And what do we want those targets to do once we’ve made them take notice?


While the world hungrily consumes digital media daily, there is still something special about extraordinary print design. We love the myth about print being dead – it gives us more opportunity to use it as a secret weapon when a client wants an alternative, sometimes unexpected, avenue to their audience. We also develop annual reports, reviews and whitepapers that use digital channels and bring our clients’ corporate communications to a new level.


Maintaining the values and essence of the brand (of course) we establish its presence and narrative in any environment or live event. Using visual, audible and tactile cues, we help people navigate their way around places and dwell longer in spaces we’ve brought to life for exhibition or experiential purposes – all the time ensuring our clients’ messages are woven in to the experience.


There are two key insights we try to gain at the start of any campaign project. What is driving the behaviour we’re trying to change and what’s been done to try to change it already? We don’t like the well-trodden path and gaining maximum ROI for our clients often means taking a very different approach to achieve results that really make a difference.